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Are you a British Columbia business that provides products or services relating to the craft beer industry?  Sponsorship with Craft Beer Vancouver can help you expand your reach and tell your story.

For sponsored content on Craft Beer Vancouver, I work directly with businesses to tell their story through words, images, and video.  To see what a sponsored post looks like, take a look at the work I created for Sigil & Growler, a local business that provides customized, laser-etched growlers for individuals and businesses.

Sponsorship Craft Beer Vancouver Growler by Sigil & Growler
Sponsorship Sigil & Growler Crest

How does Sponsorship work?

Every sponsorship agreement is different but each one will typically include at minimum a sponsored post on the Craft Beer Vancouver blog.  Your sponsored post will also be shared with my followers on the social channels that best fit with your business, providing you the best opportunities to share that content with your followers.

In addition to a sponsored post, a sponsorship agreement may also include:

  • a specified number of posts on social media (beyond the sponsored post itself)
  • additional sponsored posts on the Craft Beer Vancouver blog
  • advertising on Craft Beer Vancouver or on specific posts / pages
  • inclusion of your business’ logo, name, and description on my Sponsors page.

What will Craft Beer Vancouver do?

Sponsorship with Craft Beer Vancouver is catered to your business’ needs.  With each sponsorship agreement I aim to provide three outcomes:

  1. A positive story about your business that includes high-quality images that is widely shared
  2. Extending the normal reach of your business online by leveraging my own social channels
  3. Increased traffic to your website through links from my content and my Sponsors page

I want to ensure that any sponsorship agreement meets your needs and helps achieve your business’ goals.  That’s why I work with you directly to find the best opportunities to create great sponsored content.

All sponsored content will contain conform to these guidelines:

  1. A sponsored post will be identified at the top with a link to this page for the purposes of transparency
  2. Each social post relating to sponsored content will include the hashtag “#ad” or similar tag to identify it as paid content

What else should you know?

Transparency, honesty, and integrity are central to the way I work with my audience, and the way I portray sponsorship to them.  This means that I will always disclose to my audience when they are reading or viewing sponsored content.

For sponsorship to work for all parties, I need to be transparent with my audience.  That transparency and authenticity is important for the continued growth of Craft Beer Vancouver and my ability to provide your brand with a relevant and targeted audience.

Other important information to note:

  1. I retain full editorial control over the sponsored content I produce for Craft Beer Vancouver
  2. I reserve the right to refuse sponsorship with a business if I feel it does not serve me or my audience
  3. I retain ownership and copyright of text, photos, and video used for sponsored content

In terms of negative comments or reviews, rather than publishing something unflattering about a brand, I would prefer to end a sponsorship agreement.  Doing so prevents a situation where I may feel compelled to forgo honesty to my readers in favour of a sponsor.  Ending any sponsorship agreement under such circumstances would involve a full refund to your company and would be communicated fully in advance, with an opportunity to renegotiate or discuss alternatives.

Our relationship is about mutual trust.  If there is a problem, I will communicate that with you at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure that we can resolve any issues that may arise.

Finally, although it may seem obvious, I cannot control how the public will react to sponsored content, both on social media and in blog comments.  Therefore, I assume no responsibility for negative comments about sponsored content either on Craft Beer Vancouver or on social media.




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