About Craft Beer Vancouver

The British Columbia craft beer explosion

The craft beer scene in British Columbia started growing in the mid-2000s but the explosion began in 2012-2013.  Since then the growth in craft beer has brought us to over 120 breweries throughout the province of British Columbia.

Vancouver has a passion for beer, and the growth of the craft beer industry is a testament to that. While Vancouver’s love for this bubbly brew has waxed and waned over the years, the current upswing is thanks largely to a growth in small, independent enterprises whose products are as innovative as they are high-quality. These brewers seek to appeal to the beer lover instead of the mass market.

About Craft Beer Vancouver

Craft Beer Vancouver is a website dedicated to beer enthusiasts in the lower mainland where I can share brewery about breweries, beer culture, beer events, and beer products that can be of interest to anyone that loves beer in BC.

I created this site to share my own interests around craft beer, but also as a guide to help beer lovers find useful and relevant information about craft beer.  I also want to help promote the BC brewing industry and help it continue to grow in the years to come.

Check out the breweries section to sip your way around Vancouver’s brew scene.

How I started

My beer journey started way back in the early 2000s when I first discovered ‘micro-brewed’ beer – the alternative to the big macro brands that dominated the market.   I was interested in the different flavours that these beers provided since there was so much more than the typical bland, flavourless lagers that I found at the liquor store.

My journey took me to Victoria, BC where I discovered Phillips Brewing Company, and then later to England where I discovered Real Ale.  After returning to the lower mainland I discovered growlers and began filling mine at the Mission Springs Brewing Company in Mission, BC.  When I moved to Vancouver I needed a new filling station. Luckily at that time Brassneck Brewery had recently opened and my needs were met!

Why this site?

Exploration of this city’s beer offerings can take a while but I try to offer you the basic info you need to find your local growler-filling station or tasting room.  I love drinking beer from different breweries in different styles, and local is often better, in my opinion.

Lately I’ve been participating much more frequently at events and other projects relating to the promotion of craft beer around British Columbia.

You’ll find me writing over at Beer Me BC where I do beer reviews, brewery profiles, and other stories relating to the brewing industry.

If you don’t find what you need on Craft Beer Vancouver, please contact me to tell me what’s missing.

About Craft Beer Vancouver Jeremy at Brassneck Brewery
About Craft Beer Vancouver Jeremy at Pike Brewery in Seattle

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