Bridge Brewing Company

Bridge Brewing Company one of the original breweries in North Vancouver, a city on the north side of the Burrard Inlet waterway.  The brewery has picked up its fair share of awards over the years and most recently is known for its Sidecut IPA as it was the first major brewery in British Columbia to brew a Northeast Style IPA and market it widely.

A little bit off the beaten path, Bridge Brewing Company should nonetheless be on your list of breweries to visit.  The tasting room offers as many as 12 of their beers to drink on site or for growler fills.  If you forgot your growler but just have to take some beer home with you, the folks at Bridge will happily fill you a Crowler – a giant can of beer that keeps your beer fresh far longer than a standard growler and can be easily recycled.

Occasionally the brewery also offers seasonal or one-off beers at the tasting room.  These beers are ones that you’re unlikely to get anywhere else.  Bridge Brewing Company proudly strives to be a zero-waste brewery and is currently achieving 99% waste free.

Location: 1448 Charlotte Road, North Vancouver

Hours: Daily 1pm – 7pm

My favourite offering: Sidecut North East IPA

Pricing: Fills 1.9L growlers, $12 – $13.50


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