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Try This Beer – Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. Hopocalypse Meow

This year is Phillips Brewing & Malting Company’s 16th anniversary and to celebrate they’ve released this mega beer called Hopocalypse Meow.  You need to try this beer.

For me, Phillips Brewing remains one of the new-old-guard in craft brewing in BC.  It was Phillips’ own IPA that truly brought me into the realm of a hop head.  Credit needs to be given to the brewery for consistently pushing the boundaries of ‘hoppy’ while also experimenting with other styles in those early days when finding a locally made Pale Ale on tap was a novelty.

So when I saw this beer on the shelf at my local BCL, I was immediately drawn to the label.  I mean, kittens with freaking laser beams right?  And while I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for that sort of artwork and marketing, it’s the anniversary and the style that really made me shell out to buy this bomber.

Hopocalypse Meow Glass

Why the recommendation?

Which brings us to the question: why am I recommending you try this beer?

So yes, beyond the obvious that the name and label are amazing, why should you go out and buy a bottle too?  Well this is a rather tasty beer.  It’s incredibly hoppy with a strong malt backbone as well.  But unlike other standard hop-bombs from Phillips, Hopocalypse Meow brings in loads of juicy, tropical fruit hops along for the ride, helping to make this hop-bomb much easier on the senses.  For a start, the bitterness is present but well disguised.  The aromas from the beer are worth savouring in themselves with loads of caramel and grain, as well as tropical fruits, berry and citrus.  There’s a lot here.

Let me just say that this one chalks up a hefty 9.2% on the alcohol scale.  So while I didn’t notice any booziness or alcohol heat initially, about halfway through the glass I was definitely feeling a bit flush.  I’d recommend sharing this with a friend or two for maximum enjoyment and minimum inebriation.  Unless the latter is what you’re going for, I guess….

The juiciness of this beer should help bring the hop-averse into the fray as well.  From that perspective Hopocalypse Now is more than just a clever pun on a label with kittens fighting helicopters.  It is also a way for Phillips to bridge the gap between the hop bombs that were, and the hop bombs that are: namely, the current North East IPA trend favouring fruit juice flavours over pine, citrus, and strong bitterness.  I definitely applaud the effort as it helps old West Coast IPA curmudgeons like me become a little more enthused about the North East style.

And if you’re looking for one more reason to get a bottle of this to try for yourself, this high-test bomber bottle retails for a meagre $7.22 taxes in at the government store.  Just be careful which cats cross your path on your way there.

All good photos need props

While you’re drinking your bottle of Hopocalypse Now you can also play Exploding Kittens.  Just saying that the two go very well together.


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