Red Truck Beer $100 Six Pack

When Red Truck Beer moved their operations to East 1st Avenue in Vancouver, they started holding a concert series.  What began as a fairly small affair has now grown to encompass three days of music with multiple performers.  To celebrate, Red Truck teamed up with local illustrator Tom Froese to create packaging and promotions for their $100 six pack.

The first question is naturally: why would you charge (and promote) a $100 six pack?  Well, in this case the six pack comes with an additional four-pack of tickets to the concert series.  With single tickets going for $35 apiece, the six pack is a great deal before you add in the beer.

The brewery was also selling $35 pints for those that wanted to purchase a single ticket to an event.  Given the price, that’s a pint for free along with your ticket.  Not a bad deal.

This year’s concert series featured headlining artists such as Cut/Copy, Drake White & the Big Fire, and Lee Fields & the Expressions.  Each year the festival seems to attract more and different artists so look for another great lineup next year.

Thanks to Red Truck and Camp Pacific I snagged a six-pack for myself with tickets to the last show of the season on August 12th unfortunately I’m unable to attend the concert but my loss is your gain as I’m giving away four complimentary passes to the Saturday concert!  Check out the concert lineup here.

Check out the contest on Instagram to enter!

This is a great idea by Red Truck to try and promote their concert series and I hope they continue to do this next year.  The promo itself is more than worth it.  By offering both the $35 pint and the $100 six pack you can definitely get people talking while also bringing people into the brewery to buy more beer.

The show on August 12th is sold out so if you want to attend, check out my Instagram contest to win 4 free passes.

Good luck and enjoy the show!


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