Try This Beer Coast Mountain Sunbreak Saison Growler

Try This Beer – Coast Mountain Brewing Sunbreak Saison

I recently took a trip up to Squamish and Whistler for an article I wrote for the BC Ale Trail.  While there I stopped in for a chat, a tour, and a beer at Coast Mountain Brewing.  That was the first day their Sunbreak Saison was on tap and at first whiff I was hooked.  You need to try this beer.

The caveat with me recommending you put this beer in your body is that you’ll need to take a jaunt up the Sea-to-Sky in order to find it.  But this beer, along with others found at Coast Mountain (not to mention some of the fantastic ones that can be found in Squamish) are worth taking a trip up for.  And I guess if you’re into that sort of thing you can still go skiing or snowboarding up at Whistler if that tickles your fancy.

In my mind, trying to get your hands on a delicious beer is the perfect excuse for an adventure.  The journey is much of the fun to be sure, but it’s always nice to find a glass waiting for you at the end…

Try This Beer Coast Mountain Sunbreak Saison Glass

Why the recommendation?

Which brings us to the question: why am I recommending you try this beer?

The Sunbreak Saison is simply delicious.  As I mentioned, the first smell of this beer was intoxicating.  This spring I’ve been craving saisons something fierce and Sunbreak scratched that itch before I’d even tasted it.  It smelled of pepper and citrus with a subtle yeast note and light funk that was precisely on point for the style.

In terms of flavour Coast Mountain’s Kevin Winter nailed that too, while adding some little twists to make it his own.  First, there’s that citrus and light peppery note.  But beyond that, expect to find some light tropical fruit flavours and a hint of lime, maybe even some berry.  There’s a surprising amount of complexity within the subtlety of Sunbreak. This is a delicious saison that kept me coming back for more.

Okay, so the beer is delicious but you’re going to have to go on a bit of a trek to get it.  My further recommendation (should you choose to accept it) is to make a day-trip up Coast Mountain way.  Go mountain biking, hiking, skiing, whatever tickles your fancy.  Hell, just go for a drive like I did.  And whatever else you may do, stop into Coast Mountain on your way up or your way back (or both!) and try this beer.

While you’re at it, you may want to grab some of their cans to go since there’s no other way you’ll be getting them in the lower mainland.

Cheers and have fun!

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