The Guest Tap Season 01 Episode 05 Mauricio Lozano

The Guest Tap Season 01 Episode 05

For this episode of the Guest Tap, I chat with Mauricio Lozano, co-founder of Faculty Brewing Company in Vancouver.  We sat down together in the tasting lounge at Faculty to discuss the challenges of starting up a brewery and what a newcomer to the brewing scene can expect should they want to open up their own brewery.  Mauricio shares insights on what to consider as a brewery and a brand, while also delving into what makes Faculty Brewing unique in a sea of new breweries.

The Guest Tap Show Notes

This episode features my conversation with Maurico Lozano of Facutly Brewing Company.  The lounge at Faculty was moderately busy and you can hear that in the background.  Mauricio was gracious enough to give me his time on a rainy Tuesday night in January as well as a stein of their 778 IPA.

Topics in this episode include: starting a brewery, how to address financial challenges in the brewing business, branding and design, education about beer, and zoning issues for breweries in Vancouver.

To find out more about Faculty Brewing’s Cicerone study program check out their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for the latest news.

Guest: Mauricio Lozano, Faculty Brewing Co.
Tap: Faculty Brewing 778 IPA

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