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Fort Langley Beer Fest offers shuttle from Vancouver at a reduced price

Organizers at the Fort Langley Beer Festival arranged for a Vine & Hops shuttle from Vancouver to Fort Langley for up to 56 festival-goers.  With a reduced price of $60 including entry, organizers are hoping to fill the bus up with you and your friends.

This shuttle is an ideal way to get out to the festival.  With an afternoon of drinking, driving home is certainly out of the question!  Pickup and drop-off at both Olympic Village and Commercial Broadway stations means it should be fairly easy to the festival and back.  The worry is completely taken out of the equation.

A general admission ticket for the day is $30 so another $15 each way for transport to Fort Langley is more than reasonable.  I’m definitely taking advantage of this bus!  If you’ve already got your ticket, for $40 you can take the bus there and back.  Tickets are available here.

Fort Langley Beer Festival Reduced Price Shuttle - Fort Langley Players

Photo courtesy of Fort Langley Beer and Food Festival

What makes this festival special?

That’s always the question with so many beer festivals to choose from these days.  For me, the unique setting on the Fort Langley National Historic Site is reason number one.  Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I visited Fort Langley (maybe in primary school?) and visiting again for a beer festival seems appropriate for a number of reasons.  It’s also Canada’s 150th birthday this year so why not celebrate while you’re enjoying some delicious, locally-produced ales?

Another good reason to attend is the opportunity to grab beers from some of the Fraser Valley’s most popular breweries like Chaos & Solace, Field House, Foamer’s FollyRavens, and Trading Post.  With a hefty dose award winning breweries from elsewhere in the lower mainland the festival is sure to offer plenty of new beers alongside some old favourites.

Finally, we’re on the home turf of the KPU Brewing Operations Program out of Kwantlen Polytechnic University.  KPU will have a booth and will be pouring their students’ beer at the fest.  You can also opt to donate to the KPU scholarship program as part of your admissions ticket.  A donation ensures that future students are able to fund their studies and brew the next generation of exciting brews around BC.

If you’ve been on the fence about whether you should hit this one up or sit this one out, I reckon the price drop on the Vine & Hops shuttle may just be enough to sway you!

Get your tickets today before it’s too late!

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