Farmhouse Fest Glass on Table

Farmhouse Fest Glass – Photo courtesy of Farmhouse Fest

Events and Announcements – Farmhouse Fest

The big news is that Farmhouse Fest tickets are officially on sale!  I’m personally eager to attend this festival again.  Unfortunately I missed last year so it’s imperative I make it to this year’s event.

If you’re unfamiliar with Farmhouse Fest, the festival is a celebration of saisons, wild ales, and sour ales – perfect beers to enjoy on a hot, mid-summer’s day at the UBC Farm.  The event starts at noon on Saturday July 8th (unless you get yourself an early entry ticket).

Farmhouse Fest Beer in the Orchard

Beer in the orchard – Photo courtesy of Farmhouse Fest

The organizers know that theirs is unique amongst BC beer festivals.  Many of the events you might attend throughout the year will not be as focused as this one around a particular theme or group of styles.  That makes Farmhouse Fest a rather special event in a sea of beer festivals.

Can beer be as complex and rewarding as the best Bordeaux or Islay malt whisky?  Farmhouse Fest would argue that it absolutely can, and hope to prove it by welcoming over 40 breweries from around the world to this year’s festival.

Sour beers, wild ales, and saisons are often some of the most sought-after beers by beer aficionados.  Find out why that is by sampling some of the best from around the city and around the world.

This is a beer festival in a beautiful location with limited tickets available to ensure that the crowds are manageable.  This makes for a great event that is as unique as the beers being served.  Tickets are available now so get yours soon to avoid disappointment.  There is also an early entry ticket this year that comes with more drink tokens and the ability to get into the festival an hour before the bulk of the crowd arrives.

Tickets are available through Eventbrite.

Farmhouse Fest Queue for Beer

Queueing up for beer – Photo courtesy of Farmhouse Fest

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