East Village Brewery and Distillery Passport Map

New East Village self-guided tour is a great way to explore one of Vancouver’s up-and-coming neighbourhoods

This Friday, February 24th start your self-guided brewery and distillery tour in Vancouver’s East Village using the new Brewery & Distillery Passport from Hastings North Business Improvement Association.

East Village (aka Yeast Vancouver) is known for its numerous breweries and the Passport offers yet another reason for people to come to the neighbourhood and explore.

Pick up your Passport from one of the many participating breweries and grab a stamp from each stop on your route.  A fully stamped passport gets you a free East Village-branded Boston-round style growler.

East Village Brewery and Distillery Passport with Powell Brewery

Participating businesses include the soon-to-open Andina Brewing, as well as more established breweries such as Bomber, Callister, Coal Harbour, Doan’s, Parallel 49, Powell, and Storm. Don’t forget to stop in at Odd Society Spirits as well where you can experience their delicious craft spirits and cocktails made from various house-made liqueurs.

Along the way you may even sample some beers aged in barrels formerly used by Odd Society for aging their spirits.  Many of the area’s breweries are collaborating with the distillery on special barrel-aged beers using oak barrels that formerly stored vodka, whisky, or gin.

East Village Brewery and Distillery Passport Stamped

Although not all of the area’s breweries are yet part of the Passport, that means there are still other stops to visit in the area.  This significantly increases the number of potential breweries to visit when you’re filling in your Passport with stamps.

Whether you try and complete the Passport in a single outing or approach the tour at a more leisurely pace there are plenty of places to visit along the way.  While you’re in the area be sure to visit some of the local restaurants, cafes and other foodie destinations such as Kessel & March and the Pie Shoppe.

East Village Brewery and Distillery Passport Close-up

East Village is a growing and changing part of Vancouver and the Brewery & Distillery Passport is a positive step to try and encourage people to come down and experience what’s new.

Pick up your East Village Brewery & Distillery Passport from any of the participating breweries and distilleries in the area and start your own journey!

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