The Guest Tap Podcast Microphones and Beer at Faculty Brewing

Some of you may recall in my second anniversary post I mentioned that I’m starting production on a podcast among other projects that I’m getting into in 2017.  Well today I’m happy to share some more about it!


Coming soon: the Guest Tap podcast!

The Guest Tap is a craft beer industry podcast where I speak to people in BC that have expertise and stories to share about craft beer.  To start I’m creating conversations around craft beer that go beyond the product itself.  We cover meta topics such as starting up a brewery, branding and marketing, journalism, and social media.

In mid-February I’ll be releasing a teaser episode to get the ball rolling.  Keep your ear to the ground for that and I’ll certainly share more details on social channels too.

My launch date for the show isn’t yet fixed but my goal is the first week of March.  If everything goes according to plan on the production side there should be no problem meeting that target.

The Guest Tap Podcast Jeremy Setting UpWhat’s been done so far

So far I conducted five interviews with some great folks in the industry and it’s been a blast.  There were so many opportunities to learn and I’ve had a fantastic time with my guests.

It’s too early to say whether there will be a second (or third or fourth) series but at this stage I’m hopeful.  Even accomplishing this much is exciting and fulfilling. I expect that I’ll be making more in the future unless the editing stage turns my brain into jelly (which is entirely possible).

Naturally I’m relying on your support to keep me going.  As I move forward, please give the the podcast a listen.  If you like it send it to someone else that might enjoy it.  Down the line I may even put it out to the Twitter-verse to get questions to ask my guests, who knows?  If you’ve got suggestions for future episodes I’m all ears. Send me your thoughts on Twitter or in the comments below.

Stay on the lookout for more! Once the release date for my episodes are finalized I’ll share them too.  If you want to get early access you can become a Patron through my Patreon page.  That’s just one of the perks I’m offering to supporters so be sure to check me out there too.

Finally, I also wanted to say “Thank you!” to those who helped and are helping me with this project so far.  From lending equipment, to giving advice, to offering to help with audio and mixing, I’m grateful for everything you’ve done and continue to do.



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