Victoria Beer Week 2016 - Photo Essay - Glass of SourStarting this week – My recommendation for beers to try right now

As a way to help promote some of the new beers and breweries that are showing up, both in Vancouver and around the province, I’m starting a new feature on Craft Beer Vancouver where I share my recommendation of a beer (or two, or three) that I think you should try right now.

Since this is new feature for me, I’m not sure yet exactly what shape this will take.  However, my intention is to showcase at minimum one beer every two weeks.  This intended schedule may change depending on loads of factors, not least being whether there’s actually a beer to recommend!

Although, let’s be honest: there’s always a beer to recommend, isn’t there?

Beers I review on Beer Me BC may show up, but don’t expect every beer reviewed to become a recommendation here.

I may also share multiple beers depending on what’s been released or what I’ve had a chance to try that week.

Basically my goal is to share some interesting, unusual, or downright delicious beers that I think you should get out there to try ASAP.  I will try to stick to packaged beers (bottles or cans) but every once in awhile a growler may sneak into the mix.  If I’m really loving a beer right now, that’s what you’re likely to see in these posts.

The first beer in this series will be shared on Thursday just to give you a head’s up.  I expect Thursdays be the regular day for these recommendations to be posted.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, or get in touch on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter if you have any suggestions, feedback, or recommendations for me to consider.


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