Bridge Brewing 10k Growler Run Poster

Bridge Brewing 10k Growler Run Poster via Bridge Brewing Facebook Page

When an event has been happening for three years running and I haven’t heard about it I feel justifiably out of the loop.

This was what happened last week when I found out about Bridge Brewing Company’s 4th Annual 10K Growler Run.  It was something that I’ve never heard of, and yet it’s going to be happening again in June for the fourth time in as many years.

Participants in the event run 10K, which seems simple enough, but must complete the run carrying two full 2L growlers.  That may seem like a fairly easy feat to accomplish, but think about how heavy one of those suckers is when it’s full of beer.  For the run the growlers will be filled with water (thankfully), but that still means you’re still running 10K with two +2Kg weights on each arm.  Also, no assistance straps or carry bags are allowed.

Thankfully this is all done to benefit the North Shore Crisis Services Society so your hard work (and cash) is going to help people that need it.

Bridge Brewing 10k Growler Run Beer Me BC Photo

2015 10k Growler Run via Beer Me BC

It’s been years since I’ve participated in a charity run so I thought maybe this would be as good a time as any to get involved.  It’s also been about three or more years since I’ve voluntarily gone for a run, so there’s that little obstacle for me to overcome as well.  Can I manage to train myself to run 10Km in a little over a month?  We shall see! I haven’t actually committed to participating yet but I feel it’s a good enough reason to train up and challenge myself to do it.

Then only yesterday I heard of Persephone Brewing’s Tough Kegger event – also an annual occurrence.

Persephone Brewing Tough Kegger 2014 Group

Tough Kegger group photo 2014, via Persephone Brewing Facebook Page

Similar to the Bridge event, participants need to carry extra baggage on their run.  The difference here, however is that the baggage is a full 20L keg!  Thankfully, you register as a team of four, but again no outside assistance is allowed.  Proceeds from the event go to the Sunshine Coast Association for Community Living.

So do you know of other beer-related charity events such as these two?  I’m totally out of the loop and unaware of others so I’d be interested to find out.

Do you participate in events such as these?  I’d be interested to discover why or why not!

And if you do want to check out either of these two events, I’ve included links below.

Cheers and happy training!

Bridge Brewing 10K Growler Run

Persephone Brewing Tough Kegger

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