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Try This Beer – 15 December 2016

Try This Beer - Strange Times for Modern Fellows A few weeks ago Strange Fellows Brewing Company released their collaboration with Modern Times Beer out of San Diego called Modern Fellows.  You need to try this beer. I’ve reviewed this beer on Beer Me BC, and I quite...

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Barleywine – what is it?

So what exactly is a barleywine? After posting last week about the Central City Thors Hammer Gift Pack, and through some conversations with friends a familiar question keeps coming up: what exactly is a barleywine?  Since I’m a relative newbie to the barleywine style...

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Try This Beer – 1 December 2016

Try This Beer - Main Street Brewing Co. Stag & Pheasant 2016 Two weeks ago Main Street Brewing Company in Vancouver released the 2016 version of their Stag & Pheasant Imperial stout in wax dipped bottles.  You need to try this beer. In years past the Stag & Pheasant...

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Great Gift Ideas for the Craft Beer Lover on Your List

Looking for some great gift ideas for that craft beer lover? It’s hard to believe but tomorrow is the first of December,  which means that gift-giving season is right around the corner.  What are you getting for the craft beer lover on your list?  This week I thought...

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