Storm Brewing Company

Location: 310 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9am – 5pm (approximate)

Info: Storm Brewing is a brewery at heart and has no time for tasting rooms and lounges.  That said, patrons are welcome to come by and sample up to 6 of their many offerings by donation.  James and the Heathers make any visit a treat, being welcoming and happy to share their love of the business and the beer.  On any given day, you’re likely to find their four mainstays on offer, as well as eight or more ‘brainstorms’ that are forever changing.  Unique amongst Vancouver breweries, Storm is a must visit on any brewery tour.

Favourite offering: Black Plague Stout

Pricing: Fills 1L and 1.9L growlers, $6.50 – $17 depending on size and beer


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