Postmark Brewing Company


Postmark Brewing Company is part of the Settlement Building Brand Collective, that includes Vancouver Urban Winery and the Belgard Kitchen. The brewery takes up about half of the space and adds a little bit of extra character to an interesting restaurant and winery concept.

The settlement building gives a great vintage and reclaimed character to the space.  Old wooden beams and industrial equipment are scattered around or suspended from the ceiling adding to the ambiance and retro fell.  The space at Postmark Brewing is not just restricted to a brewery and restaurant, however.  There is also a growler bar just to the left of the main entrance where you can sample Postmark’s beers and fill your own bottles, as well as take away beer in bombers and cans.

The restaurant at Postmark Brewing is the Belgard Kitchen, and it eagerly awaits those who prefer to pair food with their beer. The brunch menu at the Belgard Kitchen is excellent, but be sure to arrive early or book ahead as they fill up quickly.  Postmark Brewing is a great place to bring a group, particularly if some members are not beer drinkers.  Their selection of wines from the Vancouver Urban Winery, as well as numerous cocktail and non-alcoholic beverage options ensure that there is something available for everyone in the party.

The brewery will often crowd-source their next experimental batch so follow their Instagram feed to put in your ideas – you may just win a free growler if they choose yours.

Location: 55 Dunlevy Avenue, Vancouver

11am – 11pm Monday – Friday
10am – 11pm Saturday – Sunday

My favourite offering: Dry Irish Stout.

Pricing: $5.50 – $12


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