Off the Rail Brewing Company

Off the Rail Brewing Company Menu and Taps

Off the Rail Brewing is situated right on the popular Adanac  bike route that runs East-West through East Vancouver making it very accessible.

The tasting room and growler shop is bright and welcoming, with a natural wood and stark white decor.  The tasting room at Off the Rail offers bottles and cans to take away, in addition to offering the usual growler fills.

The staff at Off the Rail are always friendly and helpful to find just the right beer.  With so many choices on offer on any given day, that extra help can come in quite handy.  The venue is child friendly and will soon be offering home-brewed root beer as well.  Their growler fill offerings are always changing, and not all of their beers are available for fills, though most can be sampled in house.

At peak times the brewery can get quite busy but it is always a worthy stop on any trip to Yeast Van, be it the only stop you make or one of many.  In a neighbourhood as densely filled with breweries as this one, it may be difficult to keep yourself to a single location but Off the Rail tries to make their space cozy and welcoming to ensure you feel you can stay.  Seating in the front window is a great place to chill out and watch the bikes go by.

Location: 1351 Adanac Street, Vancouver

Hours: noon – 8pm Sunday to Thursday
noon – 10pm Friday to Saturday

My favourite offering: Off the Rail ESB, Kama Citra Pale Ale.

Pricing: $6 – $13 depending on beer and fill size.



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