Faculty Brewing Company

Faculty Brewing Company Exterior

Faculty Brewing Company is a recent addition to Vancouver’s brewery scene, first opened in June 2016.  The brewery is small yet makes great use of their limited space with a bright and modern tasting room in full view of the brewery.

The goal of Faculty Brewing is to bring beer and beer culture to a level that more people can understand.   By naming their beer in a scheme that mimics university courses – 100-level for easier, more accessible beers up to 700-level for more complex ones – they are trying in a unique way to ensure their patrons know if they’re tasting something they’re used to or something that may push the boundaries of their palate.

Education forms a big part of Faculty Brewing’s business goals.  Co-owner and brewer Mauricio brings his experience as a professor to the brewery.  Mauricio wants to educate and share with people about the beer they’re drinking.  Interested drinkers and aspiring brewers can find his recipes listed on the brewery’s website.

In addition to a range of beers, including the occasional guest tap to round out that week’s rotation, you’ll also find co-owner Alicia’s most recent Kombucha creation on tap and ready to serve.

Located on a main bicycle route and within easy transit access, Faculty Brewing Company should be on anyone’s Brewery Creek Brewery Crawl list.

Location: 1830 Ontario Street, Vancouver

2pm – 11pm Monday – Thursday
11am – 11pm Friday – Sunday

My favourite offering: 710 Oaked Stout, 107 Blonde

Pricing: $6.50 – $11

Web: facultybrewing.com

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