Doan’s Craft Brewing Company

Doan’s Craft Brewing Company took over the space left behind after Powell Street Craft Brewery moved to a larger building.  As a result, Doan’s does not have a lot of capacity but they certainly make the most of the space and equipment at their disposal.  Out of both desire and necessity, they have become known as collaborators in the local brewing scene, working with numerous other breweries to create exceptional collaboration beers.

The tasting room at Doan’s Craft Brewing Company is small yet they still manage to fill it up regularly.  They display artwork from local artists throughout the tasting room and intend to work with different artists to display their works throughout the year.

Recently, the brewery brought in a vintage arcade cabinet that they occasionally offer free to play.  Follow them on social media as well to find out when you can join them for lego nights or other nostalgia-packed events.

On the brewing side of things, Doan’s Craft Brewing Company is also known for their use of Rye malt in nearly every brew they produce.  The use of Rye tends to add a spicy and more toothsome character to beers so expect their brews to be a bit different than most.  Due to their smaller brewing capacity, they offer only a handful of beers at their tasting room but you can often find their beers in bottles sold directly from their brewery as well even if it’s no longer on tap.  In spite of the smaller menu, there’s always something worth trying and the staff are incredibly friendly and always willing to help you find what you’re looking for.

Location: 1830 Powell Street, Vancouver

12pm – 9pm Wednesday – Thursday
12pm – 11pm Friday – Saturday
12pm – 9pm Sunday

My favourite offering: Rye IPA, Altbier,

Pricing: $6 – $11 depending on fill size.


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