Callister Brewing Company

Callister Brewing Company is Canada’s first co-working brewery and offers talented, independent brewers an opportunity to share their brewing space while being able to run a brewery on a small scale and share the financial burden between a number of partners.  Also dubbed a brewery incubator, Callister Brewing Company is changing way that we think a brewery needs to be funded an operated.

The brewery itself is a small-batch nano-brewery that specializes in craft beers and sodas.  Other of their resident brewers bring different focuses and approaches to the beer they produce through Callister’s incubator, so you’re likely to find a little something different than anywhere else in Vancouver.

The tasting room has a light and airy feel with plenty of natural light and friendly faces.  Callister Brewing Company will often shut down for art shows and other private events, but these are typically after normal operating hours.  The space is indeed welcoming with plenty of space to share with fellow visitors.  Be sure to visit and see who the newest resident brewery is and try some of the many beers on offer.

Location: 1338 Franklin Street, Vancouver

Hours: (currently on summer hours)
2pm – 9pm Monday – Thursday
2pm – 10pm Friday
1pm – 10pm Saturday
1pm – 8pm Sunday

Favourite offering: English Bitter.

Pricing: $8 – $12.50 depending on fill size.


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