The Guest Tap Season 01 Episode 04 Monica Frost

The Guest Tap Season 01 Episode 04

For this episode of the Guest Tap, I sit down with Monica Frost.  Monica is a local social media expert, and provides communications, marketing and social media services for a number of organizations and events both within and outside of the brewing scene in Vancouver.  We discuss the importance of social media for business, how to keep on top of trends, and the importance of consistency when using social media.

Monica and I met at Doan’s Craft Brewing Company on Powell Street in Vancouver.  The small tasting room wasn’t very busy but there was some background noise that gives some ambiance to our conversation.  I arrived late and Monica had already picked out the Rye Stout as our tap for the interview.  A big “Thank You!” to Doan’s for letting us sit down and set up for the conversation in their tasting lounge.

The Guest Tap Show Notes

This episode features my conversation with Monica Frost. We sat down together at Doans Craft Brewing Company. Monica mentions a few resources to keep your social media game on track so I’ve listed them here for reference:

Guest: Monica Frost: @socially_monica
Tap: Doan’s Craft Brewing Company Rye Stout

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Theme music: Down for Whatever by Silent Partner

Ad music: Smart Riot by Huma-Huma

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