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Try This Beer – Dageraad Anno 2016

A few weeks ago Dageraad Brewing released their Anno 2016.  An annual, seasonal release in time for the holiday season.  You need to try this beer.

This is a beer that Dageraad have created every year since they started brewing in 2014 and each version presents subtle differences.

Last year I didn’t get to try it upon release.  Rather I bought a bottle and let it sit for a year before opening it earlier this December on the Pacific Beer Chat Podcast.  I’d read what others were saying about the beer when it came out but was unable to partake at the time.  From what I was able to discern, an extra year in the bottle did the beer very well.

This year, Dageraad have gone for a 750mL bottle instead of the usual 650mL bomber.  Beyond that though, there’s not much that seems to have changed since last year.

Try This Beer Dageraad Anno 2016 Bottle and Glass


Why the recommendation?

Which brings us to the question: why am I recommending you try this beer?

As you can tell, I’m a big fan of seasonal releases.  The limited nature is always something that makes me interested in trying a beer since it’s bound to change over time.  Dageraad bottle conditions their beers and the Anno 2016 is no exception, so you know that it will also change with time.  In other words: this is a great beer for the cellar if you’re into that sort of thing.

The other main reason to get this right now is that it’s frankly a delicious beer.  The Belgian Golden Strong is a style I’m a fan of to begin with; grainy and boozy at the same time is a great combination during the winter.  The excellent brewing capabilities of Dageraad, coupled with the addition of BC pears and Indian coriander seed take an already great style to another level entirely.

Anno 2016 is delicious.  It smells almost like a pear cider but with so much more depth and complexity.  When you drink it, the beer is initially quite boozy in a warming way.  That’s followed up by pears and coriander and so much depth of flavour you’ll find yourself going back for another sip much more quickly than expected just to get a sense of the nuance.  After a few sips that warming effect comes into play and you can start to feel the beer’s 8.5% alcohol in the most pleasant way.

Make a point to pick yourself up at least one bottle of Anno 2016 to drink right now.  In an ideal world, you’d grab a few extra to give them time to age and mature.  With more time in the bottle this one is bound to be a cracker so get yours while you can.


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