Try This Beer Strange Times for Modern Fellows Bottle

Try This Beer – Strange Times for Modern Fellows

A few weeks ago Strange Fellows Brewing Company released their collaboration with Modern Times Beer out of San Diego called Modern Fellows.  You need to try this beer.

I’ve reviewed this beer on Beer Me BC, and I quite liked it overall.  Some of the flavours weren’t perfect but what beer ever is?

This is just a genuinely refreshing beer at this time of the year and is an excellent showcase of the capabilities of both of these breweries.

The beer has a nice light feel that is a pleasant contrast to the dark and heavy beers you’re likely to see around this season.  With some light funkiness and a lot of citrus – particularly lemon – the beer is really rather refreshing, especially right now.

Try This Beer Strange Times for Modern Fellows

Why the recommendation?

Which brings us to the question: why am I recommending you try this beer?

Well naturally it’s a limited time offer from Strange Fellows.  But beyond that – and for once, more importantly – this beer is an opportunity to try a collaboration between one of BC’s best breweries and one of the greats out of San Diego, California.

If you’ve not had an opportunity yet to try any beer from Modern Times, you need to do so.  This collaboration beer is a bit of a celebration as well since it’s brewed as part of Modern Times bringing their beers to Canada.  Next time you’re at your local bottle shop do try to pick yourself up some cans or bottles of their brews, you’re sure to be impressed.  Their stout and saison in particular are properly good.

But back to Strange Times for Modern Fellows.  Considering this season is filled with dark beers – stouts, dubbels, barleywines etc. – this light, citrusy, crisp saison is actually a great way to lighten any winter day.  Not only that but the style pairs well with turkey so you can keep that one in your back pocket should there be a turkey dinner in your future.


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