Craft Beer Vancouver Anniversary Strathcona Pint

Two years ago I launched Craft Beer Vancouver with the help of some good friends from BCIT.  Since then my journey with CBV has become a huge part of my life and how I define myself, something I never expected.

In the two years I’ve been doing this, I’ve attended events, drunk a lot of beer, written loads of words, and questioned my own sanity and motivations more times than I can count.

Naturally, part of continuing to do this means that I need to keep evaluating what I’m doing and figuring out whether or not I should keep up the effort.  To negate any suspense right off the bat:  yes, I’m going to continue.

So after two years, I’m looking at what I can do to keep going and keep doing what I’ve come to love, which is writing and talking about beer.

The site and social media have grown significantly over the last two years.  These days the website is seeing over 4,000 views per month, which is an increase from a year ago when I was averaging about 800. Not massive by any means, but still significant for someone that was typically shy in sharing any level of creativity or passion with others.

So what now?

In order to continue to working on the project and devoting time to share my passion for BC craft beer, I will be changing things up a little bit in terms of my business model by adding advertising to Craft Beer Vancouver and requesting contributions from readers on my Patreon page.

In terms of advertising, I want to ensure that any ads you see are relevant so I’m working with local businesses to advertise on Craft Beer Vancouver.  Expect to see ads showing up in the coming weeks.  I will endeavour to ensure that ads won’t interfere with the content you see, but if you’re interested in someone’s product please click on the ad to find out more.  I rely on your help to ensure that businesses that choose to advertise on Craft Beer Vancouver feel they get value from the dollars they spend.

And if you are one of those amazing businesses, get in touch with me to find out how you can advertise on the site.

I’ve also started a Patreon page where readers can donate money to help me mitigate the costs of running the website and creating the content that you’re enjoying.  In exchange for your help, I’ll give you something in return depending on how much you contribute – anything from a public thank you on the website, to a personalized and private beer tasting for you and up to three friends.  There are options there, to be sure!  As a patron you can also expect behind the scenes updates, and early access to content too.

Another way you can help out the blog is by clicking on my Amazon link and making a purchase.  You basically don’t have to do anything different!  Just shop at Amazon and make a purchase after clicking the link and you’ll be helping me out a great deal.

What’s coming up in 2017?

Craft Beer Vancouver Anniversary A-Frame Brewing Filming

In terms of other news, in the new year I’m beginning production on my upcoming podcast series that should launch in the Spring.  I’m currently sorting out the details but my goal is to create engaging podcast content for beer lovers, beer nerds, and the beer industry alike.  Stay tuned for more as it develops.

You’ve likely already seen my new series of posts Try This Beer where I recommend interesting or delicious beers that you should try right away.  Be sure to try them out and tag me in your Instagram photos or comments to let me know what you thought of the recommendations!

That’s it for my anniversary update but before I sign off this week I wanted to ensure that I say a big “Thank you!” to you the readers since it’s you that I’m writing for and you that I want to keep engaging.  Thank you for sticking with me, commenting, and sharing.  You keep me going and I’m grateful for your support.

Happy Christmas and Merry Holiday!



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