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Sigil & Growler Bag Coaster Card and Growler

Growlers are everywhere these days.  It’s safe to say that if you drink craft beer in BC you’re bound to own at least least one.   Other folks – like me – have a bit of a problem and need growler therapy lest they be forever known as Growler Hoarders.  Be you growler rich or growler poor, adding a Sigil & Growler custom engraved growler to your collection will definitely set you apart.

If you own a growler it’s likely that you purchased it from a brewery.  That is where I first picked up mine and I’m fairly certain that’s how most people start their collections.  Breweries sell growlers with their branding on them, some of them are cool and others less so, but by and large they come painted with some graphic on the surface.

Sigil & Growler Completed Growler and Glass

But what if you want a more personalized growler?  What if you’re looking for something that is unique and just a bit more interesting than paint on glass?  Then the place to go is certainly Sigil & Growler on Industrial Avenue.

Sigil & Growler Painted Etched Growler Display

Sigil & Growler laser etches a blank growler with your design.  Whether you choose your own (like I did), or one of their numerous designs created by local artists, the possibilities for a growler that is unique to you are nearly endless.  You can even get your etching painted to make it stand out even more.

So what does the process look like?  I got to go and watch the action and check out Sigil & Growler’s new retail space on Industrial Ave. to see for myself.

Sigil & Growler Setting Up Craft Beer Vancouver Growler

It turns out that the process is actually fairly simple, meaning that once you place your order you can get beer into your new vessel properly quick.  The first step is to choose your glass, and  Sigil & Growler offer a few different options to choose from.  I’m a fan of the flip-top style since I ride my bike a lot and prefer something that is less prone to leaking when it tips over or is stored on its side.  If you’re more of a fan of the traditional growler or the Boston Round style, these folks have you covered.

Sigil & Growler Laser Etching Craft Beer Vancouver Growler

I sent along the image file for my growler ahead of time and Addel got the computer ready to go when I got there, lining up the image just right.  He placed special protective paper on the growler and placed it in the laser etching machine, which then set to work.  Once it was complete Addel peeled off the paper and handed me my cleaned and freshly etched growler.  Super simple.

Sigil & Growler Cleaning Craft Beer Vancouver Growler

Owners Addel and Tarlan are keenly aware that buying products online sight-unseen can be challenging for many of us even if a company’s return policy is outstanding.  That’s why they’ve opened up a retail space for you to come down and see their products in person.  A store front gives you the opportunity to speak to someone face-to-face about what you’re looking for in your personalized growler design.

Sigil & Growler Addel and Tarlan

Addel and Tarlan got started by doing laser etching on books and portfolios for artists and photographers.  While sharing a growler of some local brew they thought “why can’t we do custom engraved growlers too?”  What started out as personal experiment has now turned into a business and in Vancouver’s booming craft beer scene their idea comes none too soon.

Sigil & Growler Engraved Leather Tag

Each growler comes in its own burlap drawstring bag with an etched leather tag and a laser engraved coaster, giving added value to an already reasonable price for a unique piece of craft beer merchandise.

Sigil & Growler Painted Etched Growler Close-up

Sigil & Growler are currently offering a promotion in collaboration with Faculty Brewing Co. for new engraved growler purchases.  From November 4th to December 15th, each custom growler purchased comes with a free fill from Faculty Brewing as well as a growler fill card valid for one year.  Enter the promo code FACULTYFILL at checkout to get your hands on the offer.

Sigil & Growler Retail Space

If you get the chance, be sure to stop into the new Sigil & Growler retail space down on 409 Industrial Avenue where you can see examples of loads of designs, including some that have painted etching adding a further layer of cool to an already stellar product.  Either Addel or Tarlan are sure to be on hand to help you in deciding what style is just right for you.

Sigil & Growler Sandwich Board Sign

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