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What craft beer advent calendar options are kicking around this season?

It’s that time of year again when craft beer advent calendars show up on store shelves.  If you’ve never purchased one before, you may be wondering if the expense is worth it.  Perhaps you’ve grabbed a craft beer advent calendar in the past you may be considering getting your hands on one but aren’t sure what’s out there.  Regardless of where you fall, you’ve got a little over a week before your should technically tear into the first beer in the pack.

So what are your options this year for craft beer advent calendars?  I thought I’d take this week’s post to break down your options.

Central City Parallel 49 Craft Beer Advent CalendarCentral City / Parallel 49 Seasons Greetings 24 Pack

You may have seen this big 24 pack around at your local liquor store.  If not, it could be that they’ve already sold out of them, such is the demand.

The Seasons Greetings 24 Pack as it’s called is expected to be immensely popular.  A collaboration between two Metro Vancouver heavyweights should definitely throw something great at us this December.  The advent calendar is packaged like a present and is expected to contain more new or unique beers than in previous years.

With a dozen beers each from both Central City and Parallel 49, this is one is definitely top of the list for anyone looking to get their hands on a craft beer advent calendar this holiday season.

Spinnakers Craft Beer Advent CalendarSpinnakers Advent Box

This year you may see the occasional advent calendar from Spinnakers out of Victoria, aptly named “Falalalalalalala beer”.  While definitely a bit of a smaller distribution than the Central City / P49 box, this one is still something to get your mittens upon if you’re able to.

Check at your local private liquor store or favourite bottle shop as that’s where you’ll be able to find one, if indeed you can.  “If” being the  operative word here. If you do manage to find one this could be the perfect gift for that beer lover on your list.

What sets this craft beer advent calendar apart from the others is that it comes as a 12 pack of bomber bottles instead of a 24 pack of 355mL bottles or larger cans.  This means you’re looking more at the ’12 days of Christmas’ box than a ‘countdown to Christmas’ one.  But hey, that means that you can actually make this Christmas season last 36 days if you want to!  Nothing wrong with 36 days of Christmas beer.

Craft Beer Imports Craft Beer Advent CalendarBeerAdvent by Craft Beer Imports

The BeerAdvent calendar box from Craft Beer Imports was one of the first of this type of product on the beer scene in BC.  It may also be the first one that many of us remember seeing as it has been around since 2012.  The box is filled with beers from BC and Alberta Breweries, with a chance of there being a few international beers thrown in for good measure.

With 24 beers filling this box, ranging from 355mL to 500mL, your countdown to Christmas will be starting off with a good amount of cheer.  This box is ideal for those that don’t have easy access to beers from these breweries, or who just want a good sampling of beers they may not have tried.  The Craft Beer Imports BeerAdvent box can be found at most BC LDB stores, but supply is limited as you might expect.

Sadly there will be no Snowcase Box this year from Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. from Victoria.  Their version of the craft beer advent calendar was a must have for many people and will be missed in the 2016 season.

Let me know if I missed any of this year’s advent calendars.  Last year I created my own craft beer advent calendar but this year I wanted to sample what was out there on the market.  If you made your own this year, what did you put into it?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Cheers and happy holiday drinking!

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