Vancouver Craft Beer Week is just over one week away!

Last year was the first time I attended any #VCBW events, and I only managed to get to the opening night.  This year is going to be different, however.  I’m trying to get to quite a few more events this time and will be posting about them here, as well as over on Beer Me BC so be sure to follow my Twitter and Instagram feeds to see some of the goings-on.

Throughout the week there are a number of events taking place to suit practically every beer lover’s interests.  Here are three in particular that are certainly on my radar and, if I do say so myself, they should also be on yours!  There’s still tickets available so be sure to check the links to get yours.


Vancouver Craft Beer Fest 2015

Vancouver Craft Beer Fest 2015. Photo courtesy of Vancouver Craft Beer Week

Vancouver Craft Beer Week Festival

Top of the list is the massive VCBW Festival at the PNE Centre Grounds.  Boasting over 100 breweries and cideries from BC and around the world, as well as good music and delicious food, this outdoor event is sure to whet your appetite and give you something new to try.

Like many beer festivals, you’re bound to be treated to some special beers made just for the event. Get there early to take advantage of some of these special beers, and to discover some new ones by breweries both local and from further afield.

Get tickets here.


Collaboration Fest

You may recall from my post a few weeks back that I’m a huge fan of the culture of collaboration in the brewing industry in general, and in our local industry in particular.  Collaboration Fest gives you an opportunity to experience this culture first-hand with up to 16 different collaboration brews from +30 different breweries.  No more waiting for limited bottle releases!

A few collaborations that I’m looking forward to: Faculty Brewing and Luppolo Brewing, the International Women’s Day Collaboration Brew, and the Yellow Dog / Machine Ales collaboration.  Although I’ll admit that all of the breweries’ collaborations look like they will deliver some tasty options!

Get tickets here.

Vancouver Craft Beer Week Beer

Vancouver Craft Beer Week Beer. Photo courtesy of Vancouver Craft Beer Week

Feats of Strength Herculean Beer Party

Who doesn’t love a classic strength competition?  Keg lifting, phonebook tearing, arm wrestling… the list goes on.  Watching your favourite brewery men and women working hard and proving their strength is bound to make you thirsty.  Thankfully you’ll be treated great beer list put together by Copper & Theory that is sure to quench your own strong #VCBW thirst!

Get tickets here.


Naturally there are plenty more events on offer this #VCBW, these are just some highlights.  Get your tickets today and check out the calendar to see what else is on offer this year.

Cheers and enjoy the fest!

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