It’s hard for me to believe that only one year ago I was going on and on about Victoria and how it was the source of my love of craft beer.  Once again, Victoria Beer Week is upon us, and naturally I’m eager to have any reason to travel across the sea to visit one of my favourite places in the world.

This year I’ll be spending a bit more time in the city and take in more events than I was able to last year.  There are always a number of varied types of beer-related events during Victoria Beer Week, which is what makes VBW so memorable as there’s really something for everyone.

I’m particularly excited about a few events this year.  Although these three aren’t the only ones I’ll be attending during the week as there are so many to choose from, they are some of the most memorable that I’m personally looking forward to.


jeremy and michael

Jeremy & Michael
Photo credit @nixthecreative

Homebrewing workshop at Category 12 Brewing with Michael Kuzyk

Since I’ve just recently started homebrewing this event is one that I’m eager to attend.  Michael is a great guy and someone I’d be happy to learn some tips and tricks from in the brewing department.  I also met Michael and Karen from Category 12 for the first time during last year’s VBW so it’s always great to have an excuse to say “hi”!  Not to mention that this is a 6-hour event so I know I’ll be coming away from the workshop with some killer knowledge to apply to my future batches of home-brew.  For the established or aspiring home brewer, this is an unmissable event.

More info here


Red Arrow Booth Great Canadian Beer Fest

I got to check out some of Red Arrow Brewing’s offerings at the Great Canadian Beer Festival in Victoria last year.

New Brew Cruise

Just like in Vancouver, craft breweries have been popping up regularly on Vancouver Island as well!  The New Brew Cruise will take guests to Nanaimo and back via three of BC’s newest breweries: Axe & Barrel Brewing in Langford, Red Arrow Brewing in Duncan, and White Sails Brewing in Nanaimo.  The tour is put on by West Coast Brewery Tours who will provide guests with samples and snacks at each brewery, as well as customized tours at each brewery, and an opportunity to meet the brewers.  

More info here


Drink the Story

Photo courtesty of Beer Me BC

Drink the Story

I missed last year’s event and was rather disappointed about it.  This is the kind of event that really gives you an intimate insight into the people that make up this industry.  This year, Beer Me BC is sponsoring the event that celebrates women in the brewing industry.  Considering this is an industry that is dominated by men, it is great to see more and more women making names for themselves and brewing up some excellent beer.  Drink the Story will feature three women of brewing: Julia Hanlon, Steamworks Brewing; Karen Kuzyk, Category 12 Brewing; and Chloe Smith, Townsite Brewing; each of whom will bring a unique perspective to share.  In addition, guests will receive three 10oz beer samples that will be paired with three food sample.  All of this in a craft beer hotspot like the Drake Eatery!  For the price, this event is excellent value.

More info here


Naturally these events are just three that are of interest to me but there are plenty more on offer including some excellent food and beer pairings and cask events that are sure to sell out.  Check out the event list here to see what would be interesting for you.  I know I’ve said it before, but the dearth of options at Victoria Beer Week makes this one of the premier BC craft beer events of the year.  If you ever needed a reason to visit Victoria, this is it!

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