beer and canadian flags

Canadian Beer on Canada Day – By Ruth Hartnup via Flickr

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

Since most everyone will be too busy today having a good time, I’ll keep today’s post short and sweet.

There’s bound to be a lot of us who will be attending events with family and friends, and it’s equally likely that at those events there will be beer consumed.

If you’re attending such an event take a moment to celebrate Canada by celebrating Canadian craft beer. And what better way of doing that than sharing it or introducing it to someone who would otherwise be drinking Molson or Bud?

Be gentle and offer a sniff, a sip, or a bottle of your delicious, well-made craft beer to someone who may have never tried it.

Encourage them to say what they like about it – or don’t.

Deliberate with them on what brings them back, time and time again, to their own beer choices.

And discuss what it might take to get them to try (and hopefully choose) craft beer next time they’re in the store.

Happy Canada Day.



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