This week I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the fantastic team who helped me get, this blog, and the associated social media (Facebook, +Google, Instagram, Twitter, Untappd) together over the past few months. It was through their prompting that I actually got off my arse and started this project, and it was also through their enthusiasm and dedication that we’ve brought Craft Beer Vancouver to where it is today.

You see, CBV has been in the works for some time, though mostly inside my head. As with so many things, it’s far easier to simply drink a beer than to build a website and write a blog about it. A little prompting from a colleague got me motivated to start, so I laid the groundwork on my own in early November.

Progress was slow, as you might imagine. Developing this site in my spare time was pretty challenging seeing as there is precious little after a long day.

With a little coaxing from my friends Belinda, Ocean, and Wendy (and more than a little of their help), we got this baby got off the ground in spectacular fashion. The whole process was amazing, and the outcome so far is beyond what I could’ve expected or hoped.

I’m grateful for the contributions of these guys, who each brought so much to the creation of CBV. Each of them helped me with practical things like graphic design, photography, web design, and branding. But so too did they offer excellent ideas on where I can take the site from here. My own commitment to CBV was emboldened entirely due to these three.

cbv team selifie

Sometimes, I guess it’s okay to take a selfie. Clearly I still need practice.

Since launching the website, the team took over initial management of some of CBV’s social media. Belinda managed our Facebook page, Ocean was responsible for +Google and associated communities, while Wendy took hold of Instagram. Using the platforms in this way was new to all of them, and I’m properly impressed by how quickly and well they picked it up and ran with it.

But from here on out, I’ll be back to managing everything on my own again.

It’s sad, actually. And no, not just because I’ve got more work to do.

We’ve been working together for the past two months, designing logos, building websites, theming social media accounts, and the whole time we didn’t really stop and think beyond our goal of finishing up this project by mid-January (or at least I didn’t). Only right near the end did I realize that it would be over too soon; we had all been working so hard.

So it is back to regular life now for all of us. In my case, that now includes blogging and updating the CBV website with more breweries ASAP.

As I retake the reins of CBV and its potential success now rests squarely with me, I want to say to Belinda, Ocean, and Wendy that I’m so thankful for their support, their creativity, their help, and their dedication. Without them, this little website would have taken far, far longer to see the light of day. That is, if I would have actually managed to launch it in the first place.

And to you, dear reader, I would ask you to be patient with me as I muddle my way through these early stages. I’ll stick with Craft Beer Vancouver if you will.

Thanks again, guys. You’re awesome.


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