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The craft beer scene is growing rapidly in British Columbia and you want to know where to go for that unique local taste.

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Home brewing second batch reflections

Making something yourself increases your enjoyment, of that I’m certain.  This is true for food, but I’m starting to realize how it is doubly true for beer.  Or at least for me. Even more than enjoying the fruits of your labour is the opportunity to identify where you made a mistake – or didn’t – and to make changes and tweak the recipe until you have something that you’re really happy with.   The all-grain home brew This definitely applies with my first all-grain batch of home brewed beer.  A couple of months back I made a half-batch of an American Pale Ale.  My expectations were that this should turn into something akin to a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale – lots of aromatic hops, with a fairly solid malt backbone.  My final result did not quite meet those expectations, but that was exciting since I can now try and find out what to improve for next time.   For starters, here’s my expectation versus reality:   Colour Sierra Nevada is a deep amber colour.  As you can see by the photo above, mine is quite light and closer to gold or straw. Aroma Sierra Nevada boasts lots of pine and citrus – primarily grapefruit.  My pale ale definitely presents the citrus notes, but there is very little in the way of resin. Flavour The original has lots of citrus and pine flavours from the hops, with a fairly strong malt backbone.  My pale ale has very, very mild citrus tones in the flavour profile but in spite of the lightness of the beer is surprisingly malty with lots of bready... read more

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